marți, 26 februarie 2008

Cloud no 9! :X :X :X ---- I loooooooooove this song!

Cause tonight you will be mine - up on cloud number nine
And there ain't no place that i'd rather be
And we can't go back but you're here with me
Yeah, the weather is really fine - up on cloud number nine!

I wanna heart is surely dancing! \:D/ :D :D :D

marți, 19 februarie 2008

Ce cucu lor?!?!?!

Probably the best tv show in the world! :D Check it out!

vineri, 15 februarie 2008

Me azi chilled!

ME happy and chilled today! M-am impacat cu mine ...

miercuri, 13 februarie 2008

Did I miss anything? :-O

Shawty got looks.....shawty got class....yeah shawty got hips.... Bla bla bla...The rest found it yourself!


marți, 12 februarie 2008

Si pentru ca azi am chef de posturi pe blog....Va incant retina cu niste poze care imi plac mult! Recunoasteti personajele???? :D

Meet Charlie's Angels: 3 x Raluca

Si inca una cu Dream Team... ;))

Manolo Blahnick :-J

Si in stilul "pentru ca pot"...I wov my new sexy shoes...

Ar trebui sa port mai des astfel de accesorii (nu doar cand ii probez prin magazin si defilez cu ei pe acolo! :)) sau la nunta colegei de facultate/master/serviciu/suferinta/ etc).... Sa renunt la my lovely Adidas? I'll think 'bout it!